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17th-century English writer Abraham Cowley, portrait by Peter Lely Abraham Cowley (/ˈkaʊli/; 1618 – 28 July 1667) was an English poet born in the City of London late in 1618. He was one of the leading English poets of the 17th century, with 14 printings of his Works published between 1668 and 1721.

Early life and career Cowley's fa...
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Abraham Cowley Poems

  • Chronicle, The: A Ballad
    Margarita first possess'd,
    If I remember well, my breast,
    Margarita, first of all;
    But when a while the wanton maid ...
  • The Despair
    Beneath this gloomy shade,
    By Nature only for my sorrows made,
    I'll spend this voyce in crys,
    In tears I'll waste these eyes ...
  • Cousel
    AH! what advice can I receive!
    No, satisfy me first;
    For who would physick-potions give
    To one that dies with thirst? ...
  • Concealment
    No; to what purpose should I speak?
    No, wretched heart! swell till you break.
    She cannot love me if she would;
    And, to say truth, 'twere pity that she should. ...
  • An Answer To A Copy Of Verses Sent Me To Jersey
    As to a northern people (whom the sun
    Uses just as the Romish church has done
    Her prophane laity, and does assign
    Bread only both to serve for bread and wine) ...
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Top 10 most used topics by Abraham Cowley

Love 30 I Love You 30 Great 19 Death 19 Nature 18 Away 16 Life 15 Good 15 God 15 Light 15

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  • Hickey_mt: poem for today: “drinking” by abraham cowley
  • Mysticsblue: “a mighty pain to love it is, and ‘t is a pain that pain to miss; but of all pains, the greatest pain it is to love, but love in vain.” ― abraham cowley, the poems of abraham cowley
  • Kyleecharri_20o: “a mighty pain to love it is, and ‘tis a pain that pain to miss; but of all pains, the greatest pain, it is to love, but love in vain.” – abraham cowley kyle echarri asapteenhottie
  • Pendidikan4id: “may i a small house and large garden have; and a few friends, and many books, both true.” ― abraham cowley
  • Oppolse775: our greatest good, and what we least can spare, is hope. -abraham cowley
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