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  • Newsffrom St. James's.
    A courtier, summon'd hence of late,
    Was call'd to Minos' Judgment Seat.

    The Cretan Sage began the Charge, ...
  • The Peacock.
    Once Juno's Bird (as Authors say)
    Was seiz'd on by some Birds of Prey:
    They pluck'd his Feathers, one by one,
    Till all his useful Plumes were gone; ...
  • The Resolution
    The Favours of Fortune I once hop'd to gain,
    And often invok'd her, but ever in vain.
    She despis'd my Addresses, which gave me such Grief,
    I flew to the Muses, in Hopes of Relief. ...
  • To The Right Honourable The Lady Sarah Cowper.
    Let me the Honour soon obtain,
    For which I long have hop'd in vain;
    Since I, alas! am now confin'd,
    Your Visit would be doubly kind. ...
  • To Dr. Mead, On His Cape Wine.
    Your Wine, by Southern Suns refin'd,
    Is a just Emblem of your Mind:
    Like You, the gen'rous Juice displays
    Its Influence a thousand Ways; ...
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  • Cuevasantillon: teachers: easily give your students direct access to all these resources!
  • Mind_funeral: also, shout outs to my barber for having a photo of super saiyan god super saiyan goku right next to a photo of the virgin mary at his station.
  • Dreamchele: laurie barber/lady mary crawley
  • Cuevasantillon: teachers: easily give your students direct access to all these resources!
  • Umme98: a heart patient, 23 yrs old girl belonging to a poor family,her father is a local barber in a village asked for 2 months medications which will cost 10k in total for now. right now, we verified that only 15 days medicines are left. kindky dm for detail so medication can continue.
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Thought, like a winter pear,
Stone-cold in summer's prime,

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