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  • A Song Of Three Singers

    Wave and wind and willow-tree
    Speak a speech that no man knoweth; ...
  • Lines In A Flyleaf Of 'christabel'
    Inhospitably hast thou entertained,
    O Poet, us the bidden to thy board,
    Whom in mid-feast, and while our thousand mouths
    Are one laudation of the festal cheer, ...
  • Vanishings
    As one whose eyes have watched the stricken day
    Swoon to its crimson death adown the sea,
    Turning his face to eastward suddenly
    Sees a lack-lustre world all chill and gray,- ...
  • The Princes' Quest - Part The First
    There was a time, it passeth me to say
    How long ago, but sure 'twas many a day
    Before the world had gotten her such store
    Of foolish wisdom as she hath,-before ...
  • Lachrymæ Musarum
    Low, like another's, lies the laurelled head:
    The life that seemed a perfect song is o'er:
    Carry the last great bard to his last bed.
    Land that he loved, thy noblest voice is mute. ...
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World 43 Sea 35 Soul 35 Night 35 Life 34 Time 33 Heart 30 Great 30 Rose 27 Earth 26

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  • Kanauru: ame drives her hololive friends on the watson bus this video is a big thank you to all the hololive members that rt / liked / followed me! 4k quality
  • Churchlifend: today is the feast of st. ignatius of loyola! discernment for the postmodern condition by william watson, sj
  • 8tmhr: 8.wilbur snyder 9.bobo brazil (houston harris) 10.danny hodge 11.ray stevens “the crippler”/“the blond bomber” 12.pat o'connor 13.sandor szabo 14.whipper billy watson (william john potts) 15.dr. big bill miller (dr.x/mr.x/mr.m) 16.dandy danny miller (the blue shark)
  • Churchlifend: tomorrow is the feast of st. ignatius of loyola! discernment for the post modern condition by william watson, sj
  • Terencecorcoran: william watson: on climate change, adaptation has a big advantage
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Shining serpents! Well you know,
When your lips shall cease to blow
Airs that lure us through the snow,

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