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  • A Song Of Three Singers

    Wave and wind and willow-tree
    Speak a speech that no man knoweth; ...
  • Lines In A Flyleaf Of 'christabel'
    Inhospitably hast thou entertained,
    O Poet, us the bidden to thy board,
    Whom in mid-feast, and while our thousand mouths
    Are one laudation of the festal cheer, ...
  • Vanishings
    As one whose eyes have watched the stricken day
    Swoon to its crimson death adown the sea,
    Turning his face to eastward suddenly
    Sees a lack-lustre world all chill and gray,- ...
  • The Princes' Quest - Part The First
    There was a time, it passeth me to say
    How long ago, but sure 'twas many a day
    Before the world had gotten her such store
    Of foolish wisdom as she hath,-before ...
  • Lachrym√¶ Musarum
    Low, like another's, lies the laurelled head:
    The life that seemed a perfect song is o'er:
    Carry the last great bard to his last bed.
    Land that he loved, thy noblest voice is mute. ...
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Hadi_alhmad: winkler discovered that an iron chain wound round the bottle could be substituted for the hand, and sir william watson in england shortly afterward showed that iron filings or mercury could replace the water within the jar.9az
Fortnegley: william watson was an enslaved man among the 4933 african american laborers employed or impressed by the federal army to aid the war effort in nashville.
Thompson6iglwd: transforming the irvine ranch: joan irvine, william pereira, ray watson, and the big plan (american real estate society) ct5kkvv
Watson_tez: william street fc with our local mp yvette cooper for me, the best mp in parliament. the second picture is our coaching team.
Apocaloptimist5: i'm the same age as pete buttigieg, prince william, and paul joseph watson. we definitely aren't going to see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. but i know the cultural shifts that we all experienced shaped us in our own way, even if we came to opposing views about what they meant.
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To that abhorred abode,

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