Who is Evie Shockley

Evie Shockley is an American poet. Shockley received the 2012 Hurston/Wright Legacy Award in Poetry for her book the new black and the 2012 Holmes National Poetry Prize. She was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2018.

Early life and education

Shockley is originally from Nashville, Tennessee. Shockley received a BA from Northwestern University, studied law at the University of Michigan from whence she received her JD, and received a PhD in English from Duke University.


Shockley teaches at Rutgers University-New Brunswick in New Jersey.Her work toured South Africa in 2007 as part of Biko 30/30, an exhibit dedicated to activist Steve Biko.She published the book Renegade Poetics: Black Aesthetics and Formal Innovation in African American Poet...
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Evie Shockley Poems

  • On New Year's Eve
    we make midnight a maquette of the year:
    frostlight glinting off snow to solemnize
    the vows we offer to ourselves in near
    silence: the competition shimmerwise ...
  • Disciple
    My father: younger, handsome, downright square,
    eyes like brown buttons fastening his face
    over his soul, mouth not too straight to swear,
    to say, man, sonny stitt's ass trashed the place, ...
  • Where You Are Planted
    He's as high as a georgia pine, my father'd say, half laughing. southern trees
    as measure, metaphor. highways lined with kudzu-covered southern trees.

    fuchsia, lavender, white, light pink, purple : crape myrtle bouquets burst ...
  • Waiting On The Mayflower
    i. august 1619

    arrived in a boat, named
    and unnamed, twenty, pirated ...
  • The Anklet
    my sister's visit
    to india begins
    it. i asked for a sari,
    but received ...
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Kjavadizadeh: new episode dropping tomorrow morning—meanwhile catch up on our back catalogue, beginning with the brilliant evie shockley on ed roberson.
Johnfbrowning37: yes, this is a good time to check out the poetry of evie shockley. she is starting to get recognition that is later in coming than should be the case.
Kjavadizadeh: “poetic genius” and genius podcast guest evie shockley!!
Caappoetics: only one week until our close reading the emergency! event with evie shockley and damon young! tickets are sure to go quickly, so make sure to save your spot now! rsvp:
Furiousflowerpc: our 2023 furious flower poetry prize received record submissions this year! stay tuned for our announcement of the winner and honorable mention who will be reading with evie shockley on april 20. pictured: 2022 winner ariana benson with judge tim seibles
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