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"Yeats" redirects here. For other uses, see Yeats (disambiguation).Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet and playwright, co-founder of Abbey Theatre William Butler Yeats photographed in 1903 by Alice Boughton William Butler Yeats[a] (13 June 1865 – ...
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William Butler Yeats Poems

  • What Magic Drum?
    He holds him from desire, all but stops his breathing
    primordial Motherhood forsake his limbs, the child no
    longer rest, ...
  • Conjunctions
    If Jupiter and Saturn meet,
    What a cop of mummy wheat!
    The sword's a cross; thereon He died:
    On breast of Mars the goddess sighed....
  • The Four Ages Of Man
    He with body waged a fight,
    But body won; it walks upright.
    Then he struggled with the heart;
    Innocence and peace depart. ...
  • Ribb Considers Christian Love Insufficient
    Why should I seek for love or study it?
    It is of God and passes human wit.
    I study hatred with great diligence,
    For that's a passion in my own control, ...
  • On Those That Hated "the Playboy Of The Western World"
    Once, when midnight smote the air,
    Eunuchs ran through Hell and met
    On every crowded street to stare
    Upon great Juan riding by: ...
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Heart 152 I Love You 145 Love 145 Great 142 Night 122 Long 114 Thought 113 Young 110 Away 107 Time 104

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  • Globalasianista: postscript: president biden smoothly sliding into third base at same state dinner in seoul with “wouldn’t happen in london” after president yoon quoted william butler yeats
  • Sirensong1208: brown penny by william butler yeats
  • Kevinliptakcnn: reading the room: at a state dinner in seoul, president yoon of south korea quotes william butler yeats in his toast to president biden: "think where man's glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was i had such friends."
  • Bentleyalumni: mahendra gujarathi — the recipient of bentley’s 2021 adamian award for lifetime teaching excellence — has drawn constant inspiration from the words of irish poet william butler yeats: “education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.”
  • Alilnightmusing: we had fed the heart on fantasies, the heart’s grown brutal from the fare, more substance in our enmities than in our love; oh, honey-bees come build in the empty house of the stare. — william butler yeats, “the stare’s nest by my window”
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In this mimic form of a matron in years,
How plainly the pencil of Denner appears!
The matron herself, in whose old age we see
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No dimness of eye, and no cheek hanging low,
No wrinkle, or deep-furrow-d frown on the brow!
Her forehead indeed is here circled around
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