Who is Nick Flynn

Nick Flynn (born January 26, 1960) is an American writer, playwright, and poet. His writing is characterized by lyric, distilled moments, which blur the boundaries of various genres. Many of his books are structured using a collage technique, which creates narratives with fractured, mosaic qualities. His work can be classified as récit—a French term for writing that is not the narration of an event, but an event itself. Several of his books are what he refers to as "siblings" to each other, in that they examine similar material from various perspectives.

Life and career

Nick Flynn was raised by his mother in Scituate, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.

Flynn had no contact with his father throughout most of his childhood and adolescence as his parents s...
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Nick Flynn Poems

  • Twenty-pound Stone
    It nests in the hollow of my pelvis, I carry it with both hands, as if
    offering my stomach, as if it were pulling me forward.

    At night the sun leaks from it, it turns cold, I sleep with it ...
  • Embrace Noir
    I go back to the scene where the two men embrace
    & grapple a handgun at stomach level between them.

    They jerk around the apartment like that ...
  • Amber
    the imagined center, our tongues
    grew long to please it, licking
  • Emptying Town
    I want to erase your footprints
    from my walls. Each pillow
    is thick with your reasons. Omens
  • Alan Dugan Telling Me I Have A Problem With Time
    He reads my latest attempt at a poem
    and is silent for a long time, until it feels
    like that night we waited for Apollo,
    my mother wandering in and out of her bedroom, asking,...
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