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Love Lies Bleeding

You call it, "Love lies bleeding," so you may,
Though the red Flower, not prostrate, only droops,
As we have seen it here from day to day,
From month to month, life passing not away:
William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth
The Crocodile

'No animal is half as vile
As Crocky-Wock, the crocodile.
On Saturdays he likes to crunch
Six juicy children for his lunch

Roald Dahl
The Christmas Gift For Mother

In the Christmas times of the long ago,
There was one event we used to know
That was better than any other;
It wasn't the toys that we hoped to get,
Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Conquerors leonine, lordly,
Princes and vaunting kings,
Ye are drunk with the sound of your braggart
Don Marquis

Don Marquis
The Man Against The Sky

Between me and the sunset, like a dome
Against the glory of a world on fire,
Now burned a sudden hill,
Bleak, round, and high, by flame-lit height made higher,
Edwin Arlington Robinson

Edwin Arlington Robinson

September rain falls on the house.
In the failing light, the old grandmother
sits in the kitchen with the child
beside the Little Marvel Stove,

Elizabeth Bishop

High up in the apple tree climbing I go,
With the sky above me, the earth below.
Each branch is the step of a wonderful stair
Which leads to the town I see shining up there.
Amy Lowell

Amy Lowell
Heyoka Wacipee, The Giant's Dance

The night-sun sails in his gold canoe,
The spirits walk in the realms of air
With their glowing faces and flaming hair,
And the shrill, chill winds o'er the prairies blow.

Hanford Lennox Gordon
Captain Craig


I doubt if ten men in all Tilbury Town
Had ever shaken hands with Captain Craig,
Edwin Arlington Robinson

Edwin Arlington Robinson
The Laughing Heart

your life is your life
don't let it be clubbed into dank submission.
be on the watch.
there are ways out.

Charles Bukowski
The Sleet

Regal the earth seems with diamonds today,
Gemming all nature in blazing array;
A picture more fairy-like never could be
Than this wonderful icicle filigree.

Nannie R. Glass

To my mother. May, 1870.

The Landgrave Hermann held a gathering
Emma Lazarus

Emma Lazarus
Symphony Of Colours

I am a painter,
My hands hold a brush,
Moving as my heart wants,
Laughing the joy and crying the sorrow of my life.
Cristina Teodor

Cristina Teodor
The Makers

Who can remember back to the first poets,
The greatest ones, greater even than Orpheus?
No one has remembered that far back
Or now considers, among the artifacts,

Howard Nemerov
Sonnet Viii

Oft as by chance, a little while apart
The pall of empty, loveless hours withdrawn,
Sweet Beauty, opening on the impoverished heart,
Beams like the jewel on the breast of dawn:
Alan Seeger

Alan Seeger
For Tat

O, heavenly powers! will wonders never cease?
Hair upon dogs and feathers upon geese!
The boys in mischief and the pigs in mire!
The drinking water wet! the coal on fire!

Ambrose Bierce
The Abnormal Is Not Courage

The Poles rode out from Warsaw against the German
Tanks on horses. Rode knowing, in sunlight, with sabers,
A magnitude of beauty that allows me no peace.
And yet this poem would lessen that day. Question

Jack Gilbert

Losing too is still ours; and even forgetting
still has a shape in the kingdom of transformation.
When something's let go of, it circles; and though we are
rarely the center

Rainer Maria Rilke


The authentic! Shadows of it

Denise Levertov
Who Am I?

My head knocks against the stars.
My feet are on the hilltops.
My finger-tips are in the valleys and shores of
universal life.
Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg
The Scoffer

If I had lived in Franklin's time I'm most afraid that I,
Beholding him out in the rain, a kite about to fly,
And noticing upon its tail the barn door's rusty key,
Would, with the scoffers on the street, have chortled in my glee;
Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

Partly to throw light on a certain period,
partly to kill an hour or two,
last night I picked up and read
a volume of inscriptions about the Ptolemies.

Constantine P. Cavafy

Here is a problem, a wonder for all to see.
Look at this marvelous thing I hold in my hand!
This is a magic surprising, a mystery
Strange as a miracle, harder to understand.
Celia Thaxter

Celia Thaxter
Captain Craig Ii

Yet that ride had an end, as all rides have;
And the days coming after took the road
That all days take,-though never one of them
Went by but I got some good thought of it
Edwin Arlington Robinson

Edwin Arlington Robinson
At Mass

No doubt to-morrow I will hide
My face from you, my King.
Let me rejoice this Sunday noon,
And kneel while gray priests sing.
Vachel Lindsay

Vachel Lindsay
Daydreams For Ginsberg

I lie on my back at midnight
hearing the marvelous strange chime
of the clocks, and know it's mid-
night and in that instant the whole

Jack Kerouac

EACH small gleam was a voice
-A lantern voice-
In little songs of carmine, violet, green, gold.
A chorus of colors came over the water;
Stephen Crane

Stephen Crane
We Hail Thee Now, O Jesus

We hail thee now, O Jesus,
thy presence here we own,
though sight and touch have failed us,
and faith perceives alone;

Frederick George Scott
Picture Books

I HOLD the finest picture-books
Are woods an' fields an' runnin' brooks;
An' when the month o' May has done
Her paintin', an' the mornin' sun
Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest
For Hans Carossa

Losing too is still ours; and even forgetting
still has a shape in the kindgdom of transformation.
When something's let go of, it circles; and though we are
rarely the center

Rainer Maria Rilke
A Lake And Its Magic Grace

I open my eyes this morning,
In front of me a marvelous landscape open up,
I am so amazed and happy,
And so astonished i become and contemplate.
Cristina Teodor

Cristina Teodor
Let It Enfold You

Either peace or happiness,
let it enfold you

when I was a young man

Charles Bukowski
Statement With Rhymes

Plurality is all. I walk among the restaurants,
the theatres, the grocery stores; I ride the cars
and hear of Mrs. Bedfordâ??s teeth and Albuquerque,
strikes unsettled, someoneâ??s simply marvelous date,

Weldon Kees
The House Of Dust: Part 03: 07: Porcelain

You see that porcelain ranged there in the window—
Platters and soup-plates done with pale pink rosebuds,
And tiny violets, and wreaths of ivy?
See how the pattern clings to the gleaming edges!

Conrad Potter Aiken
In Bohemia

I'D rather live in Bohemia than in any other land;
For only there are the values true,
And the laurels gathered in all men's view.
The prizes of traffic and state are won

John Boyle O'reilly
Her Beautiful Hands

Your hands- they are strangely fair!
O Fair- for the jewels that sparkle there,-
Fair- for the witchery of the spell
That ivory keys alone can tell;

James Whitcomb Riley
On Entering The Sea

Love happened at last,
And we entered God's paradise,
Under the skin of the water

Nizar Qabbani
A Radio With Guts

it was on the 2nd floor on Coronado Street
I used to get drunk
and throw the radio through the window
while it was playing, and, of course,

Charles Bukowski
The Poet's Apology

Our poet has never as yet
Esteemed it proper or fit
To detain you with a long
Encomiastic song

Quaint Spring

Probably around the deep midday,

I lay on an old stone,


Georg Trakl
Ballad Of Jesus Of Nazareth


It matters not what place he drew
At first life's mortal breath,
Edgar Lee Masters

Edgar Lee Masters
The Courage Of Shutting-up

The courage of the shut mouth, in spite of artillery!
The line pink and quiet, a worm, basking.
There are black disks behind it, the disks of outrage,
And the outrage of a sky, the lined brain of it.

Sylvia Plath
White Magic

Is it not a wonderful thing to be able to force an astonished plant to bear rare flowers which are foreign to it. . . and to obtain a marvelous result from sap which, left to itself, would have produced corollas without beauty? -VIRGIL.

I stood forlorn and pale,

Muriel Stuart
The Egyptian Maid

While Merlin paced the Cornish sands,
Forth-looking toward the rocks of Scilly,
The pleased Enchanter was aware
Of a bright Ship that seemed to hang in air,
William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth
The Extraordinary Kindness Of An Oyster

She is lying hidden
Inside a pear-shaped shell
A rough, rock-hard outside
So porcelain white inside

Rose Marie Juan Austin
The Dream-god's Realm

I wandered down Sleep's vast and sunless vale,
Where silence and Cimmerian darkness lay
That never moon nor stars disturb, nor Day
With sword of golden light. Beside the trail

Clark Ashton Smith

I used to dream, long, long ago,
That the clouds were marvelous white elephants
Journeying in droves to a far-off sacred city
That always made the sunset with the reflection of its altar-fires.

Clark Ashton Smith
Ecclesiastical Sonnets - Part I. - Xxxvii - Papal Abuses

As with the Stream our voyage we pursue,
The gross materials of this world present
A marvelous study of wild accident;
Uncouth proximities of old and new;
William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth
The Geebung Polo Club

It was somewhere up the country, in a land of rock and scrub,
That they formed an institution called the Geebung Polo Club.
There were long and wiry natives from the rugged mountain side,
And the horse was never saddled that the Geebungs couldn't ride;

Banjo Paterson (andrew Barton)
The Stranger

Tell me, enigmatic man, whom do you love best? Your father, your mother, your sister, or your brother?
"I have neither father, nor mother, nor sister, nor brother."
Your friends, then?
"You use a word that until now has had no meaning for me."
Charles Baudelaire

Charles Baudelaire