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White 76 Night 75 Sweet 58 Soul 57 Heart 55 Love 54 I Love You 54 God 50 Earth 50 Moon 49

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  • Imaginativecons: “abraham lincoln walks at midnight” (essay by nicholas vachel lindsay)
  • Winstonelliott3: “abraham lincoln walks at midnight” (essay by nicholas vachel lindsay)
  • Capponicolleen: 'on the road to nowhere what wild oats did you sow?' -vachel lindsay
  • Ladysanfrancisc: dance then, wild guests of 'frisco, yellow, bronze, white and red! dance by the golden gateway — dance, tho' he smite you dead! vachel lindsay
  • Spetersartist: wheels and wheels and wheels spin by in the spring that still is sweet. but the flower-fed buffaloes of the spring left us, long ago. - vachel lindsay poem:
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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Poem
Beatrice. (From Dante. Purgatorio, Xxx., Xxxi.)
 by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Even as the Blessed, at the final summons,
Shall rise up quickened, each one from his grave,
Wearing again the garments of the flesh,
So, upon that celestial chariot,
A hundred rose
ad vocem tanti senis
Ministers and messengers of life eternal.

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