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White 76 Night 75 Sweet 58 Soul 57 Heart 55 Love 54 I Love You 54 God 50 Earth 50 Moon 49

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  • Cavusogluedila1: you are the sunrise, if a star could rise instead of the sun. you are the moonlight, if it's a star instead of the moon. you are spring if a face can bloom, instead of apple branches. you are my love, if your heart is kind now like young eyes. vachel lindsay (1879-1931, usa)
  • Rbrookhiser: vachel lindsay refers to it, queasily (a bit for him, more for his readers) in the opening of bryan bryan bryan bryan.
  • Goner2day: while the monster shadows glower and creep, what can be better for man than sleep? and i see green trees and fluttering wings, and my deathless bird from shanghai sings. the walls fell back, night was aflower -vachel lindsay
  • Goner2day: vachel lindsay here's to the scurrying, timid mice through whom the proud cause dies. here's to the seeming accident when all is planned and working, all the flywheels turning, not a vassal shirking.
  • Goner2day: vachel lindsay 1879–1931 the leaden-eyed let not young souls be smothered out before they do quaint deeds and fully flaunt their pride. it is the world's one crime its babes grow dull, its poor are ox-like, limp and leaden-eyed.
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Denner's Old Woman
 by William Cowper

In this mimic form of a matron in years,
How plainly the pencil of Denner appears!
The matron herself, in whose old age we see
Not a trace of decline, what a wonder is she!
No dimness of eye, and no cheek hanging low,
No wrinkle, or deep-furrow-d frown on the brow!
Her forehead indeed is here circled around
With locks like the ribbon with which they are bound;

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