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Stephen Crane (November 1, 1871 – June 5, 1900) was an American poet, novelist, and short story writer. Prolific throughout his short life, he wrote notable works in the Realist tradition as well as early examples of American Naturalism and Impressionism. He is recognized by modern critics as one of the most innovative writers of his generation.

The ninth surviving child of Methodist parents, Crane began writing at the age of four and had several articles published by the age of 16. Having little interest in university studies though he was active in a fraternity, he left Syracuse University in 1891 to work as a reporter and writer. Crane's first novel was the 1893 Bowery tale Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, generally considered by critics to be the first work of American lite...
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Stephen Crane Poems

  • Sollte Die Weite Welt Fortrollen
    Sollte die weite Welt fortrollen
    Hinterlassend schwarzes Entsetzen
    Endlose Nacht
    Nicht Gott oder Mensch oder ein Platz zum Stehen wären mir unentbehrlich ...
  • Man, The
    A man said to the universe,
    "Sir, I exist!"
    "However," replied the universe,
    "The fact has not created in me ...
  • A Slant Of Sun On Dull Brown Walls
    A slant of sun on dull brown walls,
    A forgotten sky of bashful blue.

    Toward God a mighty hymn, ...
  • Mystic Shadow
    Mystic shadow, bending near me,
    Who art thou?
    Whence come ye?
    And -- tell me -- is it fair ...
  • I Looked Here
    I looked here;
    I looked there;
    Nowhere could I see my love.
    And -- this time -- ...
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God 26 Sky 17 Heart 16 Black 16 Place 15 Good 12 World 12 Wind 11 Blue 10 I Love You 9

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Hxcstevebuscemi: if tiktok gets banned how will i learn about the weird connections in the stephen king universe or how a crane operator prefers a finger push button over the the regular stick operating features
Mtgileadchurch: hear from stephen crane as he tells his story about listening to god's prompt for his life. do you have a wonderful story of change, or know of someone who does? share your story so others can hear how god has moved in your life. visit
Paledave: lawrence's short stories are winners; his poetry very much in the mold of stephen crane's poetry. dhl's litcrit is nonpareil. his novels are dirty, and i don't mean salacious: rather, filled with mud and muck and grime. his travel writing is unreadable.
Plfrnz: also discussed: the insipidity of auster as biographer, both absolutely and as compared with the inspired berryman.
Usedformoney: i must say this because it must be said.......stephen crane is not easy. presently reading maggie a girl of the streets and it reveals writing talent not often seen. crane knew it albeit a end of 19 th century life but still.......he knew it.
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