Some fishermen from the south
bought milk from a certain
Herdsman in the north.

When some traders from the east
were buying and selling names
at the front and back of equity.

That some farmers blood mixed
their oil
and it fuels their crude.

Silence engorge the golf of the west
They consulted the gods first

Because the gods will not be blame
should our messenger
become a bandit to our message.

It's time we use our tongue
to count our teeth

That we may not continue to call
a spade, a spade
only when we want to bury the truth.

Least, God will continue to hid good people
of our midst, till we appreciate them
when you meet one.

Not to check his name
in wa register
Either wait for zo to finish his turn
before you offer bia a seat.

Is the Chibok narrative a nursery fiction?

That is set in Sambisa
office from Abuja
and home for Dubai

Possibly because Nigerian youths are lazy.
They were arrested by fear.

The zeal for shortcut
shut their door
and handover the key to decision

For their choice of enmity
against responsibility
made them guilty.

Our complains holds no water
If he's caught on the offside line

Like the fable of advance jungle
where elections are conducted
but the lion remains the King.

May be Shakespeare is wrong
that every bound man in his own hand
lies the ability to cancel his captivity.

I guess, you've not heard
that they've killed the messenger.
And you're not aware
that the message
refuse to die.