In words, a painting I will create
Each stroke and rhyme, a masterpiece to celebrate
For my muse, none other than Dashaun
A name so graceful, my pen is drawn
With 4515 words, I'll weave a tale
Of love, loss, and trails that prevail
A story of a man, with a heart of gold
Whose life's journey, is yet to unfold
Dashaun, a name that means 'God is gracious'
A fitting moniker for one so luminous
With a smile that lights up the darkest room
And a spirit that shines brighter than any moon
Born into a world full of chaos and strife
Dashaun navigated through each challenge and strife
With determination, he forged his own path
And emerged victorious, despite the world's wrath
He walked with his head held high
Never afraid to spread his wings and fly
And in his heart, a fire burned bright
A passion that fueled him day and night
Through trials and tribulations, he stood tall
Never once did he stumble or fall
For he had a spirit that was unbreakable
And a will that was truly indestructible
But as fate would have it, love came his way
And Dashaun's life was never the same
For in her eyes, he found his home
And his heart was no longer alone
Together they built a life full of love
With each other, they fit like hand in glove
And in Dashaun's arms, she found solace
For he was her rock, her guiding compass
But as life goes, nothing stays the same
And heartache soon became a part of the game
For in a tragic turn, she was taken away
And Dashaun's world was plunged into gray
But he refused to let his flame die out
For he knew she'd want him to carry on without doubt
And so, with each passing day, he grew stronger
And his love for her only burned brighter and longer
Through his pain, Dashaun found his calling
And his purpose in life, he kept on stalling
A beacon of hope, for those in need
He became their light, their guide, their creed
With 4515 words, I've told his tale
Of a man whose spirit will never fail
Dashaun, a name that will forever shine
A symbol of love, strength, and hope divine.
I know you, because you are me, and I am him.
Looking with peripheral view, as I reflect back, yet at the same time brainstorming of my succulent tomorrow as the darkness pour rain down upon my censored skin.
I somehow let the hate and heaviness consume my soul for a war to pursue the next decade unknown.
Uncertain as I hold this construction of a constitution to uphold to my face all of my problematic issues with discrimination and stigmatized, and unexceptence, because I too carry the sign of the scarlet letter. My past screams that I am the colostrum sinner, but I wasn't to blame then , although alternatively in the nourishment of all that I have, and that I can be I can imagine up a bridge of influence to keep you from using the lie that if something happens to a Festus then they are lowly as their libido is unto mankind. I walk a lonely road with potholes far and between that's been better reflections; a soundtrack playing the classic song of calamity ends with, but follow the youngest born, so leave me behind for the sacrifice to cook my bones, but I know you are too now suddenly Dashaun, especially when I make every storm in my life look like roses and flowers, with the strokes of my paintbrush, like a defensive magic that negates ; nullifies any foreign curse of any ancient culture, and though you believe it's too easy to replace my wall suffice going on in my shower as struggle to reign sharp knives, remember why I am always the one you want to avoid, but I look forward for the daylight I rise; I can then reign with the laughter. Cutting you; dissecting your mind.
The very kind that confuses foes, near and far; small and great, even from me always living for defeat in daily battles fought against the culture of black supremacy, and the cult of the edifying of the body antichrist, that gives me whiplash and tormenting whirlwinds between my ears, I just thought I heard something call my name, like insanity; the superficial superfan of nerds in midflight to genius, the pennicale of their redemption, salvation, retribution, fightsong, and highlights of stardom.
There can be no mistake on this journey called in to blindside me with common distraction from jocks and the midwives that support, follow ,and forever marvel at their footsteps.
Eating scraps, and morsels out of the palm of their hand and licking the fingertips clean, of the bloodstains of the love that was ripped out of my heart, when love was relevant.
I had forgotten what it's like, in how it feels to be alive.
Everytime I am alone with nobody, but myself to talk to through a crisis, all I can say with a softly but mere whisper with the last of my virtue, and endurance in my breath is yeah, I can't go on without you, myself, give yourself a respirator so that you can find tomorrow giving you another window to try to make the flight on your golden wings next time.
You are; You are Dashaun.
Nobody else can as well as you can, but that’s why everyone else might seem mighty and at awe with life, but you’re special.
You are; You are Dashaun.
I am not of any beings written down in the word, worded of empty cause before.
I have been through more downs than rising uphill, but now is not the time for retirement; now is not the time for retreat; now that you know breakdown and losses that pierce through the heart with great woe; use of it with the bitterness inside.
I know in the still of the night, and the color of the day, I am better off within myself; safe ,and sound from the unfriendly universe where I am free to decorate the chemical reactions of something so disdainful and wickedly discomforting in every hour in every way into something that is elegant or morbidly far into beautiful, because I am; I Am Dashaun!

Authorship by Dr. Dashaun Snipes
©️ Dr. Dashaun Snipes
®️ Dashaun