A High Succubus, my boyfriend dear
With every touch, I'm consumed with fear
For when you lay me down and take control
My body trembles, my mind unfolds
Your hands so strong, they make me weak
Your lips on mine, I can barely speak
One touch leads to a sensual dance
As we give in to our primal trance
I feel your heat, your breath on my skin
Aching for more, I feel you within
One act of promiscuity leads to another
We can't resist, we can't recover
You drive me into the mattress, my love
As we surrender to desires above
Our bodies entwined, in a marvelous lust
I crave your touch, it's a must
In a corner of the room, with one small window
I'm sealed off, like a prisoner in limbo
But with you, my High Succubus
I can't help but surrender, I must
You surround me, with your seductive charms
As I fall deeper into your loving arms
My mind is lost, I'm completely yours
In this game of pleasure, it's you who holds the scores
A High Succubus, with you I'm bound
In the depths of passion, we are found
I lose myself, in your tantalizing touch
A combination of desire and lust
So come, my High Succubus, take me away
In this world of pleasure, we will stay
With every touch, you ignite my flame
In your arms, I never feel the same.

Authorship by Dr. Dashaun Snipes
©️ Dr. Dashaun Snipes
®️ A High Succubus