In a world of black and white
Dashaun stood out with his light
A unique soul with a spark
Living life without a mark
4515 words can't contain
The depth of Dashaun's reign
For he was more than just a name
He was a story, a burning flame
With hair like wool, double dark milk chocolate silken smooth ebony skin, that's crepe free; blemish free, and naturally oilley. Although bright as the sun my Ora glowing with the reflection of the night without a moonlight or stars to light up the way, and powerfully conceived into this world by a God and a mogul granting me together the gift of human insight and instincts of a God, I am merely a thought of a thousand foes and loves, a ghostly presence that philosophy cannot explain or undo.
Within my company I'm Suttle with cautious habits that brush through the fires of heaven that I dare to unlock my inner Dashaun; powers of the sun;
Born in a small town by the sea
Dashaun was destined to be free
With a heart full of passion and fire
He refused to conform or retire
His words flowed like a raging river
Each sentence a poetic quiver
His pen danced on the page
Unlocking emotions like a sage
Dashaun spoke of love and pain
Of joy and sorrow, sunshine and rain
His verses captured hearts and minds
Leaving a lasting imprint behind
With every word, he painted a scene
Of colors and feelings, serene
His imagery was vivid and bold
As he poured out his soul, untold
But Dashaun was more than a poet
He was a warrior, a fighter, a zealot
For the causes he held dear
His voice was loud, his message clear
He fought for the marginalized
For the silenced, for the stigmatized
He used his words as weapons
To break down barriers and misconceptions
In a world plagued by hate and divide
Dashaun's poems were a beacon, a guide
Leading us towards unity and love
Inspiring us to rise above
His name echoed in every corner
As his poems spread like wildfire
Touching hearts, igniting souls
Dashaun's impact had no controls
And as the years went by
Dashaun's legacy continued to fly
For his poems were timeless and true
A reflection of his spirit, pure and new
So here's to Dashaun, the poet extraordinaire
Whose words will always be a flair
May his verses continue to shine
And inspire for all of time.
And like a goddess that whildes the full power of sight and the sun, I don't sleep.
When you see my ray of burning light, remember to turn away.
My existence is my forever adhesive soul, like a supermachine draws beside the angel of inspiration and driven by the death of what is commonly desired by a lonely human heart, but because I am always Dashaun until the very end of everything and beyond, I have to shine nameless ,and seemingly forgotten for the cause for survival, and loves succession in it all fearful and forms of life and distant beauty abound must have no choice but to bow down , and reverence before the cosmic ceremony of my arrival when the angels gather around with loving arms, and rejoicing thankful hearts, and spirits and praise the same with a new symbol for excellence and futuristic prosperity to claim all in one, a bundle of greatness, a prince of privilege and pride in me, a tall Dashaun.

Authorship by Dr.Dashaun Snipes
©️ Dr. Dashaun Snipes
®️ Dashaun