The author foretells the imminent and total annihilation of all wicked human beings.
Crime and violence will not end as long as unfair and contemptuous laws exist.

The author fearlessly previses NATO of the serious consequences of its evil, inhumane actions.
As long as the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights continues, wars will not cease.

The author makes a prediction that no oppressor will be safe anywhere in the world.
There will be uprisings as long as the heartless authorities continue to oppress the poor.

The author foresees the chaos and bloodshed that will occur in the time of the end.
As long as the Americans hold Muslims captive in concentration camps, there will be no peace.

The author predicts the unpreventable destruction of every man-made structure.
All the skyscrapers in all the major cities will crumble, not even one will be left standing.

The author has seen the awesome powers that will bring all warmongers to extinction.
The wicked ones will be wiped out by something far more destructive than a nuclear war.