In my neighborhood
the mosquitoes in my room
called me rude.
My liquid of good

made them sleep fool.
A drop of sincerity to friendly-hood
Spray a single spoon
and kill million fool

So they called me cruel,
for I refuse
to be a learned dull.
God forbid second lose

Just a piece of me,
he thought is all of me.
Pride captured him
in waste bin

He sighted no dignity
in humility
Larva! There's no immunity
in impurity ask posterity

is a mirror
it reflect
Your shadow.

I give you me, Solution
cost consciousness consume confrontation.
Pupa!! Learn evolution,
check your time and predestination.

Create a library,
Mosquito!!! Make your noise literary
show your class exemplary
Stop advertising illiteracy

beget student
So, let the sheep
teach you followership.

Your father
is your first leader
Let not ego
echo and re-echo

You sounds of agony
Check the blood group
before you breed enemy
One land can mixed crop

Your bite may cause malaria
on someone
Not on everyone
Some other bite can cause Covid or Ebola