I've Got Me

I don't know if I can turn me down, for me.
I can't trust anyone else, but me.
Shouldn't let you torcher me so sweetly.
Shouldn't let you conquer me completely.
I have nothing else better to do the job of me.
I look around but all I see is me; trying so hard not to stare back at me, wonder how it works out to become so in tune with me.
Because I don't need someone to love me.
Don't need someone to hold me.
Don't need someone to kiss me.
Don't need someone to touch me.
Don't need someone to keep me.
Don't need someone to help me.
Don't need someone to save me from me!
I've been down for so long, but it's like me to play dead.
It's not like you could really care.
When I'm plain lost inside a full house, but it's me alone falling apart as I find myself with broken parts from falling down a flight of old wooden stairs, and then it's me that has to play doctor to heal the place and the ones that not even broken, me as a costodian cleaning up the blood shed they caused, and everything in me is telling me to put myself first for once for the love of God.
All out of love and all out of fight.
Now all I know to receive with me.
My sweet get away, long enough for me, to find time to completely heal deeper into my pores.
Daydreaming your silver lining across me.
Spending the night with me in the field of St. John and sixteen other apostles, just being me, around me.
Admin of the traffic of those exterior thoughts trying to intrude me.
It's just the old ways of earth to try to probe me, for a testimony, to strip me of power.
Holding onto just me.
Thoughtless, high, and holy to conceive a seraphim.
One of a kind, just like me.
Breathing inflammable gas through umbilical cords feeding from explosive lies unto, and throughout me.
I don't know what I am doing, but me.
Crossing me out; consecrating the pain of losing me.
Can you really address the broken me?
You can blame the barriers around me.
I'm used to eating alone with just me.
Going to bed with nobody by my side.
Waking up to a empty room.
I'm missing the time with me under the reflection of the sun shining some light down on me!
Although, I sacrifice for you, you don't do the same for me.
I hope to improve, and heal the hourly wages for the mistakes and damages done on me.
Do you hear me?
Can you feel me; madness reaching out for me.
Every little bit you subtract from me, is under me.
There's no need for me to say that I am starting to hate me for trusting you.
With me.
What about me?
Every voice haunted me, when there was nothing there but only me.
Talking out of my mind.
Talking to me, like there's a you.
Every other night I have tried to find the words to describe the color of being helpless, and powerless; it would have been good enough if you were there to fix me, and not to wait for another mental breakdown.
It was all in vain.
It was a little white lie.
Stolen from me.
The way you pretended to bleed, when I was a prisoner in pain.
When I were depressed.
In turmoil.
In December disdainful dialysis.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Are you listening to me; because I can still remember me crying out for me; my survival, and freedom from the chain.
You don't want me, unless I am six feet under the ground.
I'll just have to understand.
Retrieve me.
Back into the clouds, so I can reimburse me into the sky; it's where I belong.
I've been meaning to tell you, I believe in nothing more than me.
I belong to only me.
In the end; in the eyes of the world I am only me.
You don't need to be with me.
I can see me coming around sooner or later.
I'm sure it is easier to instruct me, when you're not me.
I don't like it but that's why I only misinterpreted the minutes to midnight.
I've spent eternity on perfecting myself, only to see I can only be as good as me.
I won't forget about me.
I won't fight over me.
I won't pretend it's me.
I don't want to contend with me anymore.
I'm much better off with me, but than with you.
I'm much better than me that is under you.
Behind you is me trying to break pass all supernatural forces into something much more physical beyond belief.
It's me, myself,. and I.
Me against the world!
You don't have to pretend to care about me.
It's me; the counterfeit mocking you.
Every word you say is mine.
Every place in your mind you like to hide; I'll be found right there alive.
Every weakness you have is like unto me.
Don't be a fool, it's a sign of a better disaster.
I'm already here in a better mood, now that I am on the road to a better me.
Don't forget me, when you're living your life like royalty.
Something in me, just wanted to remind you of what you said unto me, before you seased to believe me, your far away and distant star.
I am lost without me.
I'm great and mighty within me.
I'm so sorry now, not finding myself soon enough to capture me in the rapture.
Lifeless water inside; I am not sure if you can learn how much I love it now.
Staying inside these walls, like a sixteenth chapel.
In me I feel eleven feet tall, and somehow if I can put me in the mood, I can reach out to the orbe of the morning light, take the sun down with my hands, and place inside of me.
The darkness.
I feel as though I don't want to know a greater feeling for me.
Blazing the shore; reflecting the lowly heaven, I am out of the office.
On vacation with me and the original darkness inside.
Inside of me.
I don't know how you should skip me everytime, I was just thinking about me.
Overly self-absorbed.
Self indulgent to the way it feels.
I sync so insecurely, but I never been me aloud.
I feel safer inside of me.
This is all mostly about me.
Leaving me out useless, unless you want to place the blindfold over me, to prohibit me from finding you out.
I bet you believe it will make it easier to kill me now.
Because fighting for me isn't your strength anymore.
Fighting me is not what I have to live for anymore.
Pressure me into running out of my head and me.
Don't take me under your skin, like donated blood.
You have left a salty aftertaste within me.
I remember me crying out, like an electric guitar over me losing the battle every time.
I am only me, when I've Got me.
When I've got me!!!
When I've got me.

Authorship by Mr Dashaun Rashod Snipes
©Mr. Dashaun Rashod Snipes
®️ I've Got Me