The tale of my lost rib
Eve endowed with more than hib.

The queen of Ken Saro-Wiwa English house
My crush and only spouse.

Always clothed in mood that unveil smile
Her cough tone ryhme.

And create lines of rainbow
in pretty stanzas of black shadow

As the sun rises on her face
memories booked on the senses of imagery page.

Her spits are ordained diction
that rhythm the encrypt aesthetic emotion.

If her melodious character is song in verse
each meter will be a layer of enlightenment reserve.

Her company eradicate agony
Poetry you must hail from Ogoni.

Take my honor, well deserve
The only eagle on my planet of free-verse.

As she prostrate to my poetic prowess
my paper and pen will not miss,
a day without a kiss.

She's the mother of my unborn literature
and the architect of my enlightened future.

In her eyes I saw the posterity of yesterday
reciting the reservoir of today.

On a stage that audience
tomorrow and Karma's impatience.

She have me to my end
Poetry my girlfriend.