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Gilbert Sordebabari

I am a student of English Studies University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. A creative writer and conscious literalist whose craftsmanship is extended to diverse works of art. And as well, an inspirational speaker. A man who sees poetry beyond creative writing. I see poetry as a means of communication not just to my audience but to the creator. Poetry gives room for a poet to become a creator as well. As a poet, you become a maker. Strange but could be affected if properly conveyed accordingly and in line with the principles of innovation and invention. I fall in love with poetry and it exposed me to the secret of the proper use of language and the power of spoken words. Without hesitations, I embrace poetry as it serves as the safest means of communication.



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POEM: Hungry Eyes
Nice poem, simple diction in deep-rooted message with well crafted lines and rhymes.

POEM: Poetry My Girlfriend
If looks could not kill in the day, can it kill by night? Let my looking-glass mirror reality and look see disguise. My watch, judge not appear trance. Oh, a damsel on the lookout! She gives a blank stare My glance of smile buy me not a hostile glare Her pretty face untie my filthy gaze My mind eyes, and my eye sights Smile frowns, and my frown smiles Then, my libs dance All to the melody of the heart Down the heart, misery cooked and mirage served.

POEM: Then, When All Dream Sleeps
I'm particularly intrigued by the scintillating used of diction. The words of the poem are consciously and carefully chosen, thereby eliciting succinct imagery and in-depth meaning. The techniques are very literal and metaphorical. Especially, the last two lines of verse three is so emotional and so paradoxical. There are so many things to appreciate in this poem, I must commend.

POEM: Manhood
Nice poem, I like the rhyming scheme

POEM: Your Smile.
You can't love smile as much as I do

POEM: Eternal
Love this rhythmic intellectual poem.

POEM: Black
Nice poem, but it gives a derogatory image of the black race. Hence, one can conclude that, there is nothing good about black.