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Circa 1905 Madison Julius Cawein (March 23, 1865 – December 8, 1914) was a poet from Louisville, Kentucky.

Biography Madison Julius Cawein was born in Louisville, Kentucky on March 23, 1865, the fifth child of William and Christiana (Stelsly) Cawein. His father made patent medicines from herbs. Thus as a child, Cawein became acquainted with and developed a love...
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Madison Julius Cawein Poems

  • A Motive In Gold And Gray

    To-night he sees their star burn, dewy-bright,
    Deep in the pansy, eve hath made for it, ...
  • Foreword. To Idyllic Monologues
    And one, perchance, will read and sigh:
    "What aimless songs! Why will he sing
    Of nature that drags out her woe
    Through wind and rain, and sun, and snow, ...
  • Pictured
    This is the face of her
    I've dreamed of long;
    Here in my heart's despair,
    This is the face of her ...
  • Before The End
    How does the Autumn in her mind conclude
    The tragic masque her frosty pencil writes,
    Broad on the pages of the days and nights,
    In burning lines of orchard, wold, and wood? ...
  • Blooms Of The Berry - Proem
    Wine-warm winds that sigh and sing,
    Led me, wrapped in many moods,
    Thro' the green sonorous woods
    Of belated Spring; ...
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  • Artcalvil1: she held her mouth up redly wan, and burning cold,—i bent and kissed such rosy snow as some wild dawn makes of a mist. madison julius cawein (1865-1914)
  • Jonanatinto: singing a song of manly deeds.      madison julius cawein singvestigator queenjona
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jayda : your poems are horrible there
Shyra mae regio: Beautiful and stroy
Shyra mae regio: Beautiful and stroy
Kristi Thompson: I have always loved the poem, “Whippoorwill Time” since I was a young girl. I found it in an old book that was my Grandmothers. I have memorized it and always appreciated the serenity of the poem. Tonight I heard a Whippoorwill in the wild and it brought me back to the poem that I read and cherish as a child. I shared the poem with my husband and he loved it as well and we have read it several times sense. I appreciate knowing that the author was a lover of nature because my husband and I are as well.

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