who did this to you?
That you have mouth but can't speak
Your spoken words
are gradually loosing voice.

Who cooked the porridge of constraints?
That fed all your children
and kept them hungry.
They're still yearning

who schooled you?
that you are educated
but lacks enlightenment
When will you be self-reliance?

Who took your sight?
That you look and can't see
even when your mind conceived
it bears no fruit.

where's your truth?
Who fathered your millions of children?
That you remain barren
How did you lived your youth?

At 60
you imprisons
millions hope
How will your follows cope?

I am your son
but I pray not to tread your paths
That you preach change for slave chain
You advocate democracy to

Evil can't author our history
neither will greed build me a dynasty
For the Earth is a podium
and every human is a character.