How old I was ?
Only my mum has an answer
Hope 93
Farewell to poverty

A song for every home
A song for young and old
A song across tribes and tongues
A song for every faith

June 12 was the D-day
Kashi is the Man
Every thumb will stand by
Come rain come sunshine

At Dawn of D -day
No one wakes the other
Before the sunset is Kashi, everywhere
And every mind says farewell to poverty

But the juntas watch
From the corridor of power
With hiss and plan, Kashi is a friend and enemy
Kashi will never be, was their pledge

And so it was, Kashi would never be
And days after they thumb
What will the radio say;

Annulled and fellow Nigerians
A joke or not
Every tongue quarries every ear
The street boils with anger

Men and women stand before the gun
Death or Kashi,was their pledge
And heads roll into grave and prison
Yet it's Kashi or nothing

The Junta head from Minna
Steps aside in hurry
Shonekan in Abach out
Years after years

The Nation is still in hopeless search
For the rebirth of Kashi
And hope 93, farewel to poverty
And how long will it take?
Only Astronomer can answer!

Live on June 12.