Seconds after seconds
Minutes turns hours
Hours clock months
Months birth years
This day in history
Two nine five twenty 15
Our heart filled hope
Our beacon of hope

Took the centre stage
Aged and weak roll out
Teeth and drum
In jovial and jubilant mood
Waving to hunger and fear
That days of abundance is here
As the crown prince of Duara
Took oath and pledge

Our hope is dashed
All frills and Pop
Is now a dream and wish
The King is for self and blood
Hope turns to gloom
Night and day doom
Aged and kid flag

We thought it is close
But our eyes are open
That we have thumbed the wrong path
That days of abundance
is like the Holy coming
And next level
Is the new anthem
A song for cowards on the payroll

On the D day we thumb
We got pregnant with hope
That the common seed
We sell at the price of the common
That our home will be save like the villa
That school will flood with chalk and hand
That our road will be a place to ride
That our press will be a place of freedom

All now Dangling
Corner we sit and watch
With pen and paper
The next level we are wait
But hope not for more than
A stillbirth
The Nation await you
Our dear fickle friend