The last hour just like yesterday
We banter and toss with cheers
Then we wave to meet not to part
But unknown to us
We are parting forever….(tears)
Death Isn’t a friend of any home
You Unseat knowledge
Mute an Ideologue
Unclothed a warrior
And a Marsha bowed at noon

He has struck us so hard
Leaving us grieving and tortured
Tears glug has you touch down
From the Shoulder high
So this is the end?
Where friendship and all, ends!
No! No! We will defeat death
We will turn on your thought and taught
Carry on your ideas
Keep the march to victory

As a revolutionary cadre
Do not go to sleep
All eyes close
Rather keep inspiring us from above
As we stay on the red line
And battle for a new world
For there is victory for us
In our struggle for a new order
Goodnight at noon, Brother
Rest on,Forever in our heart.