Oh! African child
Today is your day
We all gathered
To celebrate you
Do not weep much
Hope is not lost
And do not smile
Like a lottery winner
Because you are titled
The future leaders
So they said to us
And here we are
Years after burning candle at University College
eating from hand to mouth

Let me whisper to your ear
that the house is not
As beautiful as you see it
That man who is taking your salute
Murder your heritage and hope
They have cornered our Common wealth
We are left with Nothing
It is not time to unlace your boot
but to lace it firmly and join the race
This is our struggle
Age make no difference
Our victory is certain
If we take the gun and
Battle together for freedom

Our union is our strength
and their fear
Pls do not forsake the struggle
nor sit on the
Fence and dance to their music
One without pattern and rhythm
from the avaricious man taking
Your salute so they play
To generations
Grow quickly and join us
Freedom comes via the cross
No pain no gain
For our victory is certain
If our wall has no hole.