Tear drops

Tear drop from my eye lids
Heavy flowing like a river after rainfall
Tear drops as I watched u walk away in spirit
I cried hoping my tears will make u stay
Still I shed tears without words
What I felt I couldn't explain
Though I knew u were not with me anymore
Tear drops

I pretended to be happy
Though my heart was broken
I pretended to be okay
Just to make u feel better
You never really read my mind
Cause u cared not
It never bothered u why I always cried
You thought is cause u CNT make me hpy
I knew it was because I was at the edge of losing u
The edge of losing my world
As tears drops

I cried a river before u
You never bothered to hold me and cy its okay
Cause u cared less
I cried an ocean full before you
You never bothered to say we r together in this
Instead u stood up n left
Leaving me crushing
I knew u were not with me,not with "us" anymore
As tear drops

I watched how happy u were with your friends
Silent with me like I was a stranger
I watched u creating a space
I thot it will be okay
I thought u were jst going thru rough times
I never knew u were leaving me
I never knew u were leaving us
I never knew u were never happy while I thought we were..
You never said u want me no more
Until the very last day when u decided to walk away
You never showed me u were not interested anymore
Until I saw you in bed with her
As tears drop

I froze in shock as I trusted u
As I loved u with my all
I never thought I would be replaced like a bulb of light
Tear drops..