In the dreams I dream
Only you visible in thee
My perfect human
With a pale skin you were handsomely made
With your beautiful big shiny brown eyes
You were well created
My super man

So in love with your perfect statue
Like an angel send from heaven you are
Could this be true or a dream
Tht finally I had met you
My perfect person in all aspects
King of my own kingdom

I watch u smile,oh so beautifully
It brighten my dark world
I watched you smile
Your smile leaves me amused
So deep n beautiful
I wish I can even watch you smile in my dreams

Thee beautifully formed smile
Thy stole my very ownslf
I fell so hard and I won't mind falling to death in love with yah
My perfect imperfections tht perfect my world
My super man

It saddens me to the core of my soul
For you only exists in my dreams
You only exists in my fluctuations
One day I wish to wakeup from this dream n hold u tyt in reality
My Superman