If only I could, I would

My mnd roaming with yr name on it
My mind taking a flashback on u,on us
I gave all tht I had,all tht iam
If only I could, I would

I gave myslf selfless
Like a goat Ready to be slaughtered as a sacrifice
I believed in u,I believed in us
All I ever needed was to b loved
Was it too much to ask?
If only I could, I would

I kissed those lips n fell head over hills in love with u
I lay warm in those arms feeling the beauty of being embraced
And I thought I was loved
But it was all jst a dream tht vanished in the morning
If only I could,I would

Was told of age difference
Was told of acceptance of in the family
Oh Lord did I fall in love with u or your family
Was I meant for u or for them?
If only I could,I would

It is now a dream tht never existed
A dream dreamed by the dead
For it can never come true
Done and buried in a deep grave
Damaged done can't b ignored
Trust broken,hearts broken
How I wished my bones were broken
For they can easily heal
My boneless heart was broken
It will take eternity to mend
If only I can turn back the time,I would
But it's all over,only fantasies remains
If only I could,I would...