Dancing shadows

Like a dream I found you
And you found me
Like a beautiful summer rain
You fell on me
Like a beautiful summer sun set
I stayed with you
Dancing shadows

My soul only long for you
Cause you completes thee
My heart beats only for you
My soul provider
My all adores all that u are
Dancing shadows

Like a snail on hot surface
You left my heart incomplete
Like a flower
Withered by winter wind
You left me dry
Still longing for the embrace of your loving arms
Dancing shadows

You left and never said goodbye
You left and never hugged my soul one more time
You disappeared like a morning dew
You disappeared like darkness at sun rise
Dancing shadows

Should I wait for your return?
Would u return if I wait?
Should I go after you?
Wouldn't you reject me if I find you?
Wouldn't you reject my heart?
Maybe I wait,maybe I search for you
Dancing shadows in the dark