I moved on from the pain you caused me
I forgot the distress n discomfort caused by you
I stopped the midnight tears
I stopped the sleepless night caused by you
I moved on....

From a distance i watched
Your betrayal unfolding like a dream
I simply took a deep breathe
I simply lay low because i could not change you
I could not change how u feel
But still i moved on...

Now that iam all reformed and redeemed
So you say you love me
If you couldn't love me then, then why now?
If i was not good enough then, then why now
If my love did not add value then why now?
I moved on...

A bitter pill one has to swallow
Like i swallowed when you left
I needed you the most
When i trusted you the most
When i had so much of pride on you
I apologize i moved on....