You made love to my soul

My soul you have captured
You touch every part of it
With strong feeling that no one masters
A feeling that only the spirit can understand
The best unexplained feeling of love
Where one can't figure it out
Cause it does not need configuration

All it needs is soul to soul
The air that you breath,I breath too
The rate of your heart beat
Same as my very own
When u down no matter how far you may be
I get down too because of the same spirit we share
When u cry,I cry too my love
Because you my love,you have made love to my soul

This spark tht we share
Only heavens knows
What will became of us
At times I cannot sleep
When you are on my mind
At times I cannot eat
When I dearly miss you
At times tears stream from my face
When I think of you
At times my mind stand still
And I feel miserable without you
At times I won't be able to speak
Cause you are on my thoughts
That is because you made love to my soul

Soul to soul it has been since we meet
Where you breathed in me the love u feel for me and so did I for the love I feel for you
A promise I made to love u eternal
For this that I feel for you can't be infatuations
Pure love from the deepest core of my heart it is...**