I got the strange news early today
That the old man died late yesterday.
And his burial was held this morning
With all the saints around rejoicing.

This very old man lives down the street,
So old he now walks with a third feet.
Never did we know whence he came from
But everyone knows him to be Tom.

Old Tom is known in every district
For he was very godless and strict;
He never wanted to know the Lord
Nor did he ever believe His Word.

Once he slew a christian in his youth
For bringing him the gospel of truth.
And since after the youngster was slain
No one ever preached to him again.

But a light struck old Tom just last night
And he fell down flat and lost his sight.
Everyone rushed to him at his shout
Knowing not what it was all about.

Then he confessed to have seen a light
Overwhelm him and put him to fright
'And a strange voice chid my unbelief
Saying He was Jesus Christ the Life.'

And he said a great deal afterwards;
And all around marvelled at his words
And gave God glory, honour and praise
Who showers men with His bounty grace.

The Christians around were about eight;
They prayed that he might receive his sight,
And after that his sight was restored
Many believed that Jesus was Lord.

Tom was led this morn to a river,
Where he pledged to serve God Forever
And was baptized a Christian indeed;
The old man was buried with his deed.

Yes! This old man died late yesterday,
Yet...though we may say he lives today,
He's not the one we knew till last night
But an Ideal Christian now--- in Christ.