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Olakunle Kehinde Israel, is a Christian poet from Ogun State, Nigeria. He started writing in the year 2020. He is currently studying as an undergraduate in the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. 'Time To War' is his first poem. Christian Ken Israel is his pen name. ...
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  • Time To Love
    A time will come when time will fail you
    A time when their ears will fail you
    A time when their eyes will not see you
    And their mouth can no longer speak. ...
  • Journey So Far...
    Sighs. The long journey began with a step,
    It all seemed like yesterday.
    But despite the raging and stormy waves
    God has brought us safely thus far. ...
  • Teach My Hands To Write
    David prayed to my Lord, saying,
    Teach my hands to fight...
    And many a battle did he conquer.
  • The Blooming Spring Of May
    Swiftly, swiftly flies the time,
    When the earth begets her offsprings;
    Sweetly sweetly sounds the rhyme
    When the Christian poet chants and sings- ...
  • The Little Big Things
    Most times we focus on doing the big things,
    While the little things we neglect doing
    Might just be the big things someone
    Had always wished we had done....
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Olakunle mummy: Be grateful in Jesus name. More wisdom knowledge and understanding in the mighty name of Jesus. May you be known all over the world for good, even more than Wole Soyinka. So be it in Jesus name it will never be changed. Amen

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