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    The Godly And Heavenly Rhymes
    By The Christian Poet Of All Times;
    Dedicated To Every Saint
    To Wait On The Lord And Not Faint.
  • 2.
    Like babes who can't live on their own
    But depend on their mothers,
    No one of us can live alone-
    We all depend on others.
  • 3.
    Life Is Complicated,
    Comprising the Loved And Hated;
    When Humans Look At You And Smile,
    Keep From Them A Thousand Mile.
  • 4.
    I have a sweet story to tell
    An old story I know so well
    It is the tale of how Pride fell
    And landed shamefully in hell
  • 5.
    When out of my dream
    I wake to scream
    In the mid of the night,
    I will swing to fight
  • 6.
    Hungry Eyes,
    Longing for every sight,
    Whether of virtue or vice;
    Be it wrong or right.
  • 7.
    Oh ye dreamers, don't throw your dreams away;
    They are seeds today waiting to spring forth.
    Tho' they soon faint and seem to go astray;
    Dream them again for they are of great worth.
  • 8.
    My past still holds moments of my sinful days;
    Yet they look at me and can't see any flaws.
    I have left the wrong path and my awful ways
    To walk with the Lord in the light of His laws
  • 9.
    I remember that old and gloomy night
    When expedient was it that we escape
    At the expense of a dim crescent light.
    Mother watched our captors in utter gape
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Olakunle mummy: Be grateful in Jesus name. More wisdom knowledge and understanding in the mighty name of Jesus. May you be known all over the world for good, even more than Wole Soyinka. So be it in Jesus name it will never be changed. Amen

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