Another year has almost passed;
Many changes have taken place.
Loved ones are no longer with us;
Violence struck some before our face.

The ever rising cost of goods
Never ceases to go up high;
And peasants return from poor sales
Muttering curses in grievous sighs.

Another year is going by
Leaving behind its nakbaic trail-
A weird wide wake of whys and wails
That trails behind its toxic tail.

Bye to the sorrows of this year,
Bye to the morrows of no joy,
Bye to the furrows of sorrow,
Bye to every row of turmoil.

Lo the rising of a new dawn
I see a new sun arising;
The mark of a new beginning.
Glimpse to a year so amazing!

Oh, behold the glimmer of hope,
See the rising of the new moon,
Hark the jingling bell of Christmas,
A brand new year is coming soon.

Oh thee dear Lord of this new year,
Bless this one for us- we pray thee,
Heal thou our hurts of sorrows past
And bid this a sweet year to be.

Oh thee dear Lord of peace and joy,
We put our trust only in thee,
Spare thou our lives and our loved ones
And Gift us Happy Year indeed.