Swiftly, swiftly flies the time,
When the earth begets her offsprings;
Sweetly sweetly sounds the rhyme
When the Christian poet chants and sings-
Blessed be the womb that bore thee
Blessed be the womb that bore me

Flowers of young May did bloom
After that her rain kissed the earth,
And a bud of May did loom
During the spring of that new birth.
Yesteryear, a tender bud sprung;
Today, her survival is sung.

She weathered it through all odds,
Enduring the seasons of draught;
Deep-rooted in times of flood,
And steadfast in the times of aught.
Let the poet sing of her this day,
Let the poet, even her son say:

Happy Birthday to the one
Who sat and watch my infant head;
Thanks to the forty and one
Ears who heeded my cries for bread.
Long life to a Loving Mother,
Blessed and virtuous like no other.

May this new year bring you Joy,
Blessings and Peace Unlimited.
Wishes of love from your boy,
As these of you by him be said:
Blessed be the womb that bore thee,
Blessed be the womb that bore me.