Hope is Everything,
Cause when hope fades, you'll be nothing,
Nothing in thy mind,
The mind becomes empty,
Emptiness turns into depression.

Hoping that everything is gonna be all right,
But no one can help you,
Cause your entire world is dark,
Self-doubt increases.
But everything isn't gonna be fine,

Happiness fades,
hope fades,
Patience fades,
Faith fades,
Every single thing we expected fades.

So desperately annoying,
So annoying that you realize, why?
And you keep asking yourself, why am I like this?
Why does every bad thing happen In my life?
Why can't I just be normal?

Then anxiety equips up on you quietly,
Can't stop thinking negatively,
Cause no matter how you comfort us,
Our mind forgets what you've said and what we've heard.
Because we keep thinking about our past