It's hard that you keep being underestimated,
People see you as an outsider, or far from their level.
Racism under their state of mind,
They judged at you for being poor,
They laugh at you for being fat, skinny, or under-educated.

Where's the equality of it all?
Do you think we like to watch ourselves fall?
Under this hole of shame and self loath.
Yes, we do hate our selves,
Under their state of judgement.

People are stuck in hatred,
They feel disgusted with themselves.
Depression creeps up on you quietly,
Sometimes you thought that it was just a small word,
But it's not, suicide comes up in thy mind.

It's hard to take the guards down,
In the fear to be judge,
People are so judgemental these days,
That they thought that they're perfect,
They thought that they know better.

The stigma is real people,
And It will not go away,
Until we realize that words are a big deal,
Its been affecting so many lives,
Just shut up, and listen to silent cries.