Depression comes up whenever someone hurts you so bad,
Comes from the words of those cruel people,
And from those who physically abuse you.
Sometimes you just have to cry it all,
Desperate from hope, love, and faith.

The mind full of fire,
Eyes full of tears,
The mind full of anxious thoughts,
With the eyes cries with pure blood,
The blood that defines your past.

With the word happiness turned upside-down,
Although the world is upside down,
That sometimes you can no longer understand it all,
That you just have to understand it all,
So people can understand you.

Suicide overcomes your thoughts,
Lost your hope of living,
Lost your way to God.
Sometimes we question our selves,
Is there really a God?

Attempted suicide many times,
We're only human,
How are we supposed to stop our selves?
Our life is stuck on these never-ending cycles,
That everything keeps reoccurring again and again.