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I write Poetries base of my life story... I was born in a very abusive family :(, all these years, my life has been full of misery. I am stuck in this never-ending, ongoing cycles. That everything in my life keeps reoccurring the past again and again,Yet I don't know how to stop it, or change it, or break it. I just go making Poetries, writing every aspect of my life,than just laying and crying all night. I hope my Poetries would Inspire you :(...


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POEM: True Self: Living Bipolar
Thank you! I'll try

POEM: True Self: Living Bipolar
Thank you so much! yah more metaphors, but its not the way it is, bc its supposed to be a Spoken Poetry... This was one of my first Poetries during my depression a years ago... yet I wasn't still good from making any poetries there.... but now things has changed I made 50+ poetries about depression, and they are more likely to be metaphorical.... here's my sample, The skies above comforted thee For all these years, that I could see Shining down between my safe haven, Through forth what's below worth savin'. Oh Sky within the moon! I worship your beauty For Your Light above cleanses thy room. Between your shimmering beauty. Is it good? thank you so much again for your comment :))

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