Every day you see your Scars,
The scars that define your past,
The scars that define what you are,
The scars that will interfere with your future,
That it has no hope of fading away.

Those blood is overflowing,
The blood that always defines you,
Cause blood is traumatic,
The blood that you have to be strong with,
Your blood is your tears.

The tears of no hope,
The tears that are heavy that you can no longer hold them,
People telling you weak, That only children can be depressed,
People telling you that it's just a small problem,
People judge too fast, although they haven't seen what I've seen.

The mouth has to stay quiet,
Have so many words that need to be set free,
Free from my mind cause of anxiety,
But I can't justify the truth,
Cause they will never understand the truth

But those scars are everything,
You just have to forget what you have heard,
Forget what you have seen,
Forget the pain,
But hope still fades away.