Take me back to Kenya
Take me back home
Take me to my motherland
A peaceful place, serene and prestigious
Take me back to the nicest place I know

This is not the Kenya I grew up in
This is not the motherland I've always cherished
This place no longer feels home
Someone please explain to me
What really happened to my country?

Tell me where it started raining on us
Please explain to me ....
Kenya is home, Kenya is not home
Our pride is getting lost,
Our honey is now sour

Wait a moment!!
Did I get that right?
Another tax! Taxes taxes and taxes
Where are we heading to?
Are we really going to survive?

Every night I have nightmares
I sleep with crossed fingers
Praying and fasting, crying and weeping
would I wake up to imposition of another tax tomorrow?
Will I ever wake up to better and affordable living conditions?

As I lay to sleep, fear sets in
Maybe this be the last day
I'm sleeping on an untaxed bed
Maybe tomorrow our children
Will be paying tax for breast milk.

Please take me to Kenya
I beseech you to sympathize with me
And take me to my home
Take me to Kenya, the Kenya I knew
Take me back home, make me feel home