The Comments About Poems and Poets

POEM: Half Life
woow such a nice poem brother, keep it up waiting for more from you

POEM: Swallowed By Death
It really pains loosing a mum and I understand your pain, it's a very nice poem and by writing you at least ease the you're undergoing

POEM: What I Long To Be
Such a nice poem Kipkoech, it's a great inspiration to others who have the ability to write but are hesitating to awaken and write to transform lives of many and give encouragement to others

POEM: One Day!
Such a nice poem

POEM: Speechless
Such a nice poem Shadrack, it expresses the pain, the frustration and also the view on love. I love it.. take heart brother, someday all will be alright and now you got to let go despite being a hard decision

POEM: Shoes
Such a nice poem brother