If I die today,
Please don’t cry for me.
Am sorry I won’t be available
To wipe away your tears
I won’t be able to comfort you.

You will see my face,
You will try to speak to me
But my eyes will be blind,
My ears too deaf to hear your words

For a long time
I might still be part of you
But I’ll be gone
Gone for good never to return
But never to be forgotten.

Please speak to me now,
Kindly tell me what you think about me
tell me how much I mean to you
speak now for you already have time
never let yourself to be haunt
by your hidden secrets
at the coming darkest hour.
I won’t be there to hug you
And encourage you.

Your eyes will shed tears
Seeing me in my new house, casket
And my new home, my grave
It might not seem like goodbye
My demise might be very painful
Accepting be the hardest of all.

If I die today,
shine on your way Miriam’
Or even ‘rest in eternal peace
The most bitter words coming
From your own mouths.
Kindly cherish me when am still alive.