What a beautiful nation we have,
What a lovely nation Kenya is,
A nation with contented citizens,
A nation that is admired by everyone.
A nation with only patriots.

A country that is very strict
In tax collection,
Collecting from a green grocer
But exempting the haves :
Senators, governors and even ministers.

A nation that caters for its citizens’ dreams
Promising jobs to the youths
With for years of struggle
and hard work in universities,
their certificates rot in their houses
finding only one type of a job;
looking for a job.

Such a great and beautiful nation,
Rich in qualified medical officers,
Who get clean money,
Their pay originating from;
Terminating innocent unborn babies.

A nation with dedicated defense forces
Aware of their duty in the country,
Protecting and giving security to the citizens.
But to them, bullets are a punishment
Killing citizens being a silent duty.

A state with the best pastors,
Priests and bishops all very religious.
Those who preach for cash
And their greatest mission,
Winning souls to immorality.
Go ye and make people my disciples
Never in them.

A nation where
A person is jailed for stealing sugarcane
Due to hunger,
But someone who is involved
in a billion loot set free.

A country with millionaires
Whose source of wealth,
Very much questionable.
Millionaires who have enriched themselves
From the Corona Virus pandemic
Looting money meant for;
Sanitizers and masks
To help the poor and also prevent its spread.

A nation where lies, hypocrisy
and oppression reign.
And justice never exists.