Friends, a rare gem in the world
A scarce resource to possess
Friendship, a package of wholes
No half's, not thirds neither quarters
No fights in true friendship
Arguments in both small and big
Always forgiven and new chapters opened
Not a day previous pages reopened

That first impression, very strong feeling
Crossed my mind, can she be the one?
My mind lost in thoughts of our compatibility
What does she like and what about her hobbies?
Would she be loyal to me at all times?
I wouldn't stop my mind from questioning.

Perfect, I got a reassurance
She would make a perfect friend
Our hobbies and likes the same
She would make a best friend actually

Everything glittery is never gold
I was almost loosing myself
Just to make her happy and fit in
My effort for fulfilment all in vain
She never treasured me
She wasn't loyal at all times

Everywhere I passed I got my secrets exposed
Everyone had something to gossip of me
What did I get myself into?
A question that always lingered my mind
I was a fool, I had not chosen wisely

What would be my next chapter in life?
Would I forever be a puppet for her?
Would I just stay calm be taken for granted?
Why enslaven myself of things I can change?

I won't be a slave any longer.
I deserve better, I told my soul
You are better off while alone
You know what you want
I will always be me
To hell with toxic friendships.