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  • Just Give Me Love
    I will be your shelter through the rain
    Loving you to the end of times
    I'll fight for you my right one
    Giving you a shoulder to cry on ...
  • Love Finds A Way
    When all we have is fear
    Our road misty and unclear,
    Love will make a way appear.
    If ups and downs make pain severe, ...
  • Until I Met You
    Everything was meaningless,
    Until you came into my life.
    Love to me was just a word,
    Until I met you. ...
  • Fresh Love
    Love is best when fresh
    Let's water our love
    Maintaining it fresh forever
    Making it love at best ...
  • A Rejuvenation
    In the beholder's eyes is where beauty lies
    But why was I blind all this long
    Seeking for love in distant lands
    Far and far I went looking for my other half ...
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Caren: this is so recommendable....nice pieces sky is nolonger a limit
Ezra onyancha: Nice poems dear

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