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  • Silent Screams
    silent murmurs
    silent yells
    silent screams
    from deeper ...
  • Oxymoron
    The tables turned around
    From love came hate
    trust bore stubbornness
    From a lover to a hater ...
  • Goodbye
    Though short the spun
    my life was full of fun
    Slowly you lit my world
    With every word, ...
  • Sweet Sour
    Hello my sweet pepper
    I thought you were my paper?
    On you I could always write
    And about to to write and write ...
  • My Choice
    You are my king
    You still are my choice
    Our world hasn't fallen
    Our love hasn't faded ...
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Thought 5 Good 5 Face 5 Remain 4 Shame 4 Hard 4 Great 4 Character 4 Comfort 3 Goodbye 3

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Vinnie : I really love your poems
Joash: This is so good for encouragement
Caren: this is so recommendable....nice pieces sky is nolonger a limit
Ezra onyancha: Nice poems dear

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