How many Negroes have you captured from Africa and brutally enslaved?
Tell us, how many human beings have you exploited and oppressed?

How many people have you wrongfully accused and convicted in your unjust courts?
Evildoers, how many innocent souls have you sent to the gallows?

How many times have you stolen our gold, silver and diamonds to gain wealth?
Can you recall how many villages you have pillaged and destroyed?

How many lies have you told to persuade voters to elect you political leaders?
Teachers, how many youths have you brainwashed with false teachings?

How many poor civilians have you murdered in the name of law enforcement?
Warmongers, how many men, women, and babies have you bombed?

How many peaceful, godly people have suffered by your cruel hands?
Your wicked deeds are recorded in the books of history so we will never forget.