Yesterday I had a bad dream that seemed to be a reality.
The girl I loved with my whole heart broke up with me.
Even though it happened many years ago, I couldn’t forget her.
When I thought about her, sadness overwhelmed my heart.
I wanted to wake up from the dream, but I couldn’t open my eyes.
And I couldn’t understand what was keeping me asleep.
I’m not sure if I was really dreaming, but it felt like a dream.

This morning I told a friend of mine about the dream I had.
Imagine the look on my face when he said that it wasn’t a dream.
All the things I thought I dreamt actually happened to me.
I knew that something was wrong, for I wasn’t sleeping.
Losing my girl was so painful; I fooled myself that I was dreaming.
I wish I dreamt the whole thing and woke up beside her.
Now even though I know that it’s a reality, it still feels like a dream.