I can’t cope with this unhappy marriage
I’m afraid it’s not working for me
What I mean is that it feels like torture
I’m not very skilled at pretence
My act has lasted so long and it’s a mystery
I can’t keep deceiving you this way
I just don’t love you, I never did
Frankly, I don’t know why I married you

Day and night, I think about the past
The woman I love doesn’t love me anymore
It happened just as I’d predicted
At one time, she loved me obsessively,
But she lost feelings for me
Is this reality or just a bad dream?
My whole life is an illusion
I want to wake up from this nightmare

I’ve never doubted your love,
But I’d rather you didn’t love me
I can’t reciprocate the love you show
The tension is literally killing me
You’re clinging to what you think exist
Sometimes I feel something for you,
But I don’t feel like I’m in love
I don’t have erotic feelings for you
It’s wrong to let you waste your love on me

I don’t want to divorce you,
Neither do I want to stay with you
Chelsea, I’m so confused
You may think I’m an ungrateful man,
But I’m not as lucky as you are
You have me and that’s what you want
Things are going OK for you
I never got what I wanted out of life