I am a child, a precious child.
My life is a special gift from the Creator.
Accept me and treat me as a desirable person,
Compliment me on my efforts to please you,
And fill my mind with constructive ideas.

I am a child, a receptive child.
Teach me to love others, not to despise them.
Comfort me when I have a low spirit,
Protect me from verbal and physical abuse,
And do not cause me to suffer or live with fear.

I am a child, a submissive child.
Prepare me for the responsibilities of adulthood.
When I err, correct me in a peaceful manner.
Speak kindly to me at all times if it is possible,
And never expose me to immoral entertainment.

I am a child, a promising child.
Now that I am here, make me feel welcomed.
Build up my confidence and my hope.
Do not disown me, for I am your offspring.
Hold me to the bosom and be proud of me.